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Career Opportunities

Open Positions

New Wave Digital Solutions (NWDS) is seeking a forward-thinking, team-oriented and digitally-minded Digital Fulfillment Specialist (DFS) for immediate hire. The DFS will be responsible for adding/removing content to websites, building online promotions and content marketing campaigns, running social ad campaigns, monitoring digital agency campaigns and more.

About Us

New Wave Digital Solutions is a fast-growing digital agency and true partner in the digital marketing landscape. At its core, NWDS believes in the value in client-focused, custom campaigns targeted at growing businesses in all shapes, sizes, industries and locations. New Wave operates under a Four Solutions model: Branding, Lead Generation, Social Engagement and Responsive Web Design. Using this model, New Wave identifies client needs both on the product and service sides to ensure maximum, trackable ROI.



Work with New Wave Digital Solutions and enjoy benefits that include: competitive wages, bonus opportunities, vacation/medical benefits and the ability to work from home.

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